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Month: May, 2008

Unwanted mobile number block options to save our teenage & young citizens

18 May, 2008 (14:01) | Bangladesh, personal | 1 comment


Now its time to shout against mobile phone operators of Bangladesh to have unwanted number block service. There are lots of Bad guys in Bangladesh use mobile phone to irritate our female citizens. What they do is they try with different combinations on digits and do miss calls, write messages and search for female voice. [...]

Wow! I passed in the first ZCE Practice Exam Test

5 May, 2008 (12:48) | PHP | 31 comments

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I bought 10 practice tests for ZCE, and today I tried one of 10. I successfully passed the 1st exam. Here is the exam result. This result is not that much satisfactory, but courageous for me. It shows that I am very much weak in network programming and xml & web services section. But at [...]

First Approach towards Mashup

2 May, 2008 (10:08) | PHP, programming | No comments

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Before today I never tried for meshup. After having a conversation with Hasin Bhai I realized that I must have the knowledge on mashup, web services API and other techniques. Thanks to Hasin Bhai for such an informative conversation. Even I never tried any REST services before, because I was impressed by soap based services. [...]

My First Online Shopping and of course towards PHP

1 May, 2008 (09:05) | personal, PHP | 5 comments

I was shocked after creating my free Paypal account. I was really unable to add some fund. Cause Paypal doesn’t support any kind of fund transfer method available in Bangladesh. Few days ago I managed to add some fund to my Paypal account from the account of USA friends using Paypal request for fund option. [...]