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Category: PHP Classes

RayCrypt – PHP Class for Quick Two Way Encryption and Decryption

6 November, 2010 (19:26) | PHP, PHP Classes, programming, Reference, web security | 5 comments

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RayCrypt, A simple and easy PHP class for two way encryption and decryption with multiple configurations and plug and play features. Sometimes two way encryption is very much important when it comes in storing credential information. Credit Card, Bank account information, digital signature etc are very important information of user and strongly discouraged to store [...]

Microsoft’s Initiatives for PHP Developers

16 October, 2009 (12:07) | Developer, Interoperability, Microsoft, PHP, PHP Classes, WebsiteSpark, Windows Azure | 1 comment

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For years Software Engineers have been trying to get the best out of Opensource, PHP and Microsoft Products. Because of Microsoft business policy they were not successful enough. Finally, Microsoft understood the reality and started to bend towards PHP. Now they wants to make their Platform more compatible to work with PHP. Microsoft has taken [...]