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Introducing BankInfoBD.com – First Banking Portal in Bangladesh

27 December, 2010 (17:20) | Bangladesh, web, Web Services

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It’s been 2 months, we have started BankInfoBD.com project. Our goal is simple, provide all sort of banking information form one place, so that people can get their necessary banking information easily without wasting time and can compare each other.

why do you need a service like bankinfobd.com? Currently, all banks operating in Bangladesh has their own website. Among them only few banks updates their website regularly, not all banks have all products or service information on their websites and some are really outdated. For great banking and loan options visit wecu.com/personal-banking/vehicle-loans/.

Moreover, each bank website, however comprehensive the services are, has different information structure and user interface to serve information. So, if you want to find a specific information, say Car Loan, you have to go to different banks website and browse one by one in different ways or you can ask the banker the next time you start a banking account. This way you can hardly get 5 to 6 banks car loans information wasting a big amount of time. If you are a veteran you can apply for an in va home loans for veterans, this will help you save and give you lower interest rates. We are making this process easier with our Car Loan section, where you can get all banks who have Car Loans and browse one by one easily, if you feel more information then you can always visit the banks website.

“Time is important”, For bankers and people related to banking sector, we are serving latest banking news & event information in our news section, so you can now get updated in few minutes.

We also have a career section where we are putting tips and articles for novice bankers and also for those who are planning for banking career. Hope, this is going to be a great knowledge center for banking in near future, since banking is important right now, and banking systems are essential, since this give you a second chance bank account is a version of a standard checking account offered by a financial institution.

Our banking blog section is open for all. It will help us to know more about in and out of our banking sector. Whether you are a banker or student, if you have a great article on Banking or you want to share ur banking experience, which you feel helpful for other, please write or email us at info.[at].bankinfobd.com, we will publish with your name and reference, although if what you need is to get a loan, you can totally use different alternatives and banking options.

Features of BankInfoBD.com

Its one month, BankInfoBD.com is live on the internet. From the very beginning, we are getting excellent response from all and now we are more encouraged to work hard on it. Soon, we will come up with more ideas and information in this portal.




Comment from About Bangladesh
Time: January 19, 2012, 5:17 pm

Nice site with a innovative idea. I hope it will be really helpful for the bank info Seekers of Bangladesh.

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