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Wow! I passed in the first ZCE Practice Exam Test

5 May, 2008 (12:48) | PHP | 31 comments

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I bought 10 practice tests for ZCE, and today I tried one of 10. I successfully passed the 1st exam. Here is the exam result. This result is not that much satisfactory, but courageous for me. It shows that I am very much weak in network programming and xml & web services section. But at [...]

Now it’s time for PHP Certification!

17 April, 2008 (05:43) | personal, PHP, programming | 2 comments


I was with PHP for last 4 years. During this long period I learned PHP and its related technology in my own way. As a self learner my approach was mainly based on problem solving. When I faced a problem I tried to solve this and dig this. Most of the problem I solved in [...]