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Month: August, 2007

Is my application secure from hacker

15 August, 2007 (11:21) | PHP, programming, web security | 62 comments

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To make my application secure I apply the following: 1. protect hammering by blocking host 2. use shttp to send unser information encrypted 3. Apply tocken along with PHP session id 4. hash password in a good meaner 5. use session timeout to a lower value like 10 min. 6. sanitize user input & apply [...]

My First application on CakePHP

14 August, 2007 (05:32) | CakePHP, PHP | 3 comments

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Developing an application using CakePHP is a big challenge specially for those who are new to cake. And this is my case. I was encouraged to develop my next application on cake trying some tutorials. But when I started my application which is a employee management system for a university I found a lot’s of [...]

Our Farewell from Presidency University

6 August, 2007 (22:32) | personal | No comments


Date: 4th August, 2007 Today, it was our farewell day. We arranged the program with the follower batch. We invited our faculties, VC Sir, Registrar Sir and our classmates who have completed their course last semester. It was a great meeting of we three batches. The whole day I was emotional. I went to speech [...]

Last class at PU

6 August, 2007 (22:04) | personal, Presidency | No comments


Date: 4th August, 2007 Today i attended to the last class at Presidency University of my Graduation Program in Civil Engineering. The class was taken by Rudaba Madam. I was feeling unhappy for the whole day. Even madam behaved emotionally with us. Caused we were her best students till now. We all classmates including teachers [...]

Looks like I have got what I was looking for: I will be able to sell hemp oil

3 August, 2007 (20:16) | web | 5 comments

Today, I have got a good free hosting service who are providing me all the facilities what I was looking for. They are http://www.good-host.com/. and Looks like after setting everything up, I will finally be able to sell hemp oil! I will start big by selling it on hemp oil amazon. Let’s see how things [...]