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Our Farewell from Presidency University

6 August, 2007 (22:32) | personal


Date: 4th August, 2007

Today, it was our farewell day. We arranged the program with the follower batch. We invited our faculties, VC Sir, Registrar Sir and our classmates who have completed their course last semester. It was a great meeting of we three batches.

The whole day I was emotional. I went to speech on behalf of graduating students of our department but for the first time I could not speak any thing on the stage. I just cried in from of all. Actually I loved the university very much.

At the end of the program there was an nice arrangement for dinner. And Suman, our Rock Star, sang few songs during the program. Goni bai recited a poem of our Tanveer sir. Because of this Tanveer sir was so happy.

We concluded the program nicely and It was a successful program. Thanks to every body for a nice program.

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