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Month: March, 2008

My Independence Day: Today I have set up networking for KBK Structural Design, LLC

26 March, 2008 (23:25) | personal | No comments

Though it is a government holyday, I passed the whole day in different way and gathered a lot of experiences in setting up a complete networking system with active directory. KBK Structural Design, LLC is a USA based leading out sourcing company in Bangladesh in Structural Steel Detailing and Designing. I am a former employee [...]

A Simple C Program To Sum Two Large Number

12 March, 2008 (12:49) | C, programming | 12 comments

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I have very little knowledge on C. With this little knowledge I am helping a student of EEE department of BUET. I am requested to help in writing a program to perform addition and multiplication of two large number. In C there is no builtin datatype for large number and as a PHP programmer we [...]