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Introducing BankInfoBD.com – First Banking Portal in Bangladesh

27 December, 2010 (17:20) | Bangladesh, web, Web Services | 1 comment

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It’s been 2 months, we have started BankInfoBD.com project. Our goal is simple, provide all sort of banking information form one place, so that people can get their necessary banking information easily without wasting time and can compare each other. why do you need a service like bankinfobd.com? Currently, all banks operating in Bangladesh has [...]

Standard Coding, OOP Techniques and Code Reuse

7 November, 2010 (16:48) | Bangladesh, PHP, programming, web | 2 comments

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Yesterday, I have spoke on phpXperts 2010 seminar on “Standard Coding, OOP Techniques and Code Reuse“. So far this is the largest tech seminar in Bangladesh where more than 350 programmers attended excluding the speakers and sponsors. The event has also being broadcasted live on the web. The audience enjoyed the event very much from [...]

RayFeedReader – PHP class for parsing RSS and Atom Feed

2 September, 2009 (00:35) | class, FEED, PHP, programming, Reference | 3 comments

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RayFeedReader, A Simple and Easy SimpleXML based feed reader class using PHP. First of all it’s another reinvention of wheel. This class is designed to provide quick access to any XML based RSS feed and it’s content. Usages are very simple and require only one line of code. Html rendering functionality is provided through separate [...]

I-Blood profile badge ready to use

5 August, 2009 (17:03) | Bangladesh, I-Blood, PHP, programming, web, Web Services | 1 comment

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I-Blood, is a social network for blood. I-Blood offers donor profile for every member. Which is still in improvement. Profile badge image for i-blood beta version is available now. Here is the image: Here is the link to the image: http://beta.i-blood.com/img/i-blood-badge.gif Here is the sample code widget for placing the badge on your blog: <p> [...]

Update your social networking status from command line

28 February, 2009 (13:27) | Linux, programming, Python, web, Web Services | 10 comments

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This is my first python script, Throughout the learning process I want to make something use full and I know that the best way to learn a new programming language is to start with some real project. Updating your social networking status is now a frequent job. To make this job easier there are lots [...]

Looks like I have got what I was looking for: I will be able to sell hemp oil

3 August, 2007 (20:16) | web | 5 comments

Today, I have got a good free hosting service who are providing me all the facilities what I was looking for. They are http://www.good-host.com/. and Looks like after setting everything up, I will finally be able to sell hemp oil! I will start big by selling it on hemp oil amazon. Let’s see how things [...]