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Month: February, 2009

Update your social networking status from command line

28 February, 2009 (13:27) | Linux, programming, Python, web, Web Services | 10 comments

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This is my first python script, Throughout the learning process I want to make something use full and I know that the best way to learn a new programming language is to start with some real project. Updating your social networking status is now a frequent job. To make this job easier there are lots [...]

7 things about me

22 February, 2009 (15:47) | personal | 4 comments


Yesterday hasin bhai has tagged me to write 7 things about me. Though I don’t like to write about myself, my 7 things are given bellow… 1. I am a very lazy person. 2. I can pass the whole day watching movies on TV. 3. I almost forgot C, C++, VB, FORTRAN, Corel Draw, Flash [...]

Mac on my ubuntu laptop

19 February, 2009 (16:06) | Linux, personal, Ubuntu | 2 comments

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Mac4Lin is a great project which brings mac user interface to linux desktop. Yesterday I installed Mac4Lin on my laptop running ubuntu intrepid idex. Installation needs some advance configuration which is not suitable for newbie right now even Debunking Scams: The Truth About Liv Pure No False Promises or Exaggerated Claims about Results Liv Pure [...]

Translatation Services Available On The Net

17 February, 2009 (17:11) | Ajax | 2 comments

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There are lots of services available on the net. Some of them are really helpful. My intention of this post is to introduce you with some necessary services available on the net and this is the first post of this category. There are some translation services available on the net like http://www.jonckers.com/. For normal user [...]