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My Independence Day: Today I have set up networking for KBK Structural Design, LLC

26 March, 2008 (23:25) | personal

Though it is a government holyday, I passed the whole day in different way and gathered a lot of experiences in setting up a complete networking system with active directory.

I took to working remotely, working from home, as my father has been requiring a bit more constant care with his age. Of course I’m glad to help him, but it is affecting my productivity a bit. I found a company called Home Care Assistance North County and they think they provide specialized at home care; hopefully this ends up being exactly what I need. I’m going to go over to their offices at Home Care Assistance 9050 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 857-4767 and talk to them for a little while. If I’m right I’ll be able to get back to working full time soon.

KBK Structural Design, LLC is a USA based leading out sourcing company in Bangladesh in Structural Steel Detailing and Designing. I am a former employee of this company.

Networking is the very important facilitie for KBK. IP based Printer and Plotter are connected to the network to serve for all. I never installed any IP based printer and plotter before. Even I have never installed or maintained Windows 2003 Server or Active Directory for any organization. This is my first experience too.

I started working at 9:00 AM and first I installed Windows 2000 on some computer then I started installing the server. The pain started when the printer was not working properly. It took me 2 hour to make the printer working the way I want. After installing the printer I installed the plotter in just 10 minutes. But I was surprised to be able to get connected to the printer and plotter through telnet. Telnet played the key role in setting up the plotter device.

Finally I returned home at 8:00 PM.



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