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My First application on CakePHP

14 August, 2007 (05:32) | CakePHP, PHP

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Developing an application using CakePHP is a big challenge specially for those who are new to cake. And this is my case. I was encouraged to develop my next application on cake trying some tutorials. But when I started my application which is a employee management system for a university I found a lot’s of problem.

Most of them are due to my inconvenience with cake and some of them are due to cake’s auto framework. But I am solving all problems as I am required to submit my project according to a deadline. Though I already missed a deadline.

However, this the not the problem, the problem is I am confused about the way I am solving problems. Am I following the standard or not. Cause if I go wrong way during development then it will trouble me during maintenance. I am always confused that cake may have a better way to solve this problem.

I think this is a unique problem for all cake novice.




Comment from joshdavey
Time: August 14, 2007, 3:59 pm

Ever try Madeam? It’s a lot like codeigniter in that it’s fairly relaxed about forcing the MVC model on you and has a really nice way of doing things.

For example to set a relationship in a model you just do this:

var $has_many_comments;

If you want to validate a field you just do this:

var $validate_title_isnotempty = array(‘message’ => ‘Please fill in the title’);

You might want to check it out. PHP 5 only though.

Comment from rayhan
Time: December 3, 2007, 5:29 am

Thank you joshdavey for you comment

Comment from Quentin Hayes
Time: January 18, 2013, 11:03 am

The CakePHP framework represents a robust base for handling every aspect of a web application, from the user’s initial request to the final rendering of a web page.

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