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Unwanted mobile number block options to save our teenage & young citizens

18 May, 2008 (14:01) | Bangladesh, personal


Now its time to shout against mobile phone operators of Bangladesh to have unwanted
number block service.

There are lots of Bad guys in Bangladesh use mobile phone to irritate our
female citizens. What they do is they try with different combinations
on digits and do miss calls, write messages and search for female voice.

Though I am a male, my mobile number is a quite easy number like 01912xxyyzz.
As a result I get a lots of miss calls every days.

Even last day, I got seven miss calls from a number of Saudi Arabia. As some
of my relatives stay there, I backed the calls and found that it was
the same kind of matters.

Our teenage and young citizens are
bored & tired of unwanted mobile calls, messages and miss calls. I
know some families had to change their old mobile number because of
this problem.

And you know if some one ping you all the time
send messages showing sympathy to you like ours female citizens, the
ice of your heart will melt one day. Many of our female citizens are
being trapped by these approach. Many of these relations leads them
towards sexual relations. As a result our society are being corrupted.

But, if you have the chance to block the number at the beginning then a good
percentage of improvement will be there.

you may know that MSN IM, Yahoo IM, Google Talk, All email Services have
the options to block unwanted contact. And this is the right of

I am sure many of you should have the same kind
of experiences. Please tell your story and try to strengthen our voice
against this matters so that our mobile phone operators consider this.




Comment from SanV
Time: August 4, 2009, 8:01 pm

nice post…
by the way, what is your mob no.?

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