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Now it’s time for PHP Certification!

17 April, 2008 (05:43) | personal, PHP, programming


I was with PHP for last 4 years. During this long period I learned PHP and its related technology in my own way. As a self learner my approach was mainly based on problem solving. When I faced a problem I tried to solve this and dig this. Most of the problem I solved in my own way with the gathered knowledge, as a result the solution was not that much solid & efficient. But they worked without any pain.

During the last year I learned most of the cutting edge technologies of PHP-MySQL development and web standards.

I never think myself as a sound PHP-MySQL developer but a PHP-MySQL lover. I was always thinking of being a ZEND Certified PHP programmer. But I could not find the right way of getting me prepared for exam. You know exam is different than practical, here you need a lot of theoretical knowledge.

But it’s good for me that I have started preparation for ZEND exam. Thanks to Masud Bhai, who gave me the PHP|Architect’s ZEND PHP5 Certification study guide. Thank also goes to www.scribd.com from where I have collected lots of Book for PHP, MySQL, Linux, Web 2.0, AJAX and web Security etc…

And my book collection is increasing day by day. Hope I will disclose all the books in a post when it will be completed.

During this period I learnt lots about web security & password security in PHP. I am writing a complete class for secure user login and hope I will share the class with all.

Wish I will sit for ZEND Exam ASAP.




Comment from jamal hossain khan
Time: June 24, 2008, 1:03 pm

I want to be a ZCE But I don’t know the process. Can You tell me the address of a exam center and exam process or a link which will give the address of all exam center.
thank you

Comment from rayhan
Time: June 26, 2008, 11:44 am

Hello Jamal,

The process is simple. like take preparation, purchase an exam then schedule your exam consulting with your local exam center. Here is the link to find your local exam center. PHP Exam Center

The most tough part is taking the preparation. You can try some books like “PHP|Architect’s ZEND PHP5 Certification study guide”, “PHP in action” and of course PHP Manual. Be precise on your knowledge about PHP. Thats all I have got from some other guys.

Please don’t hesitate to share anything about ZCE.

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