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Panam City Tour- Esha Khan’s Sonargoan, Old capital

22 August, 2008 (01:14) | Bangladesh, personal

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Sonargoan . Panam City

It was Sunday, August 17, 2008. I got up at 10:00 O’clock because it was a government holiday. Probir came to my room saying about going some where. I was not prepare for this, in a sudden I told him to go Sonargoan of Esha Khan. Then I and probir convinced Zaed to accompany us which took about 1 hour.

Finally we started our journey toward Sonargoan at 11:30 AM from. Because of holiday we managed to reach there at about 1 pm. It was an imaging journey as none of we ever visited the place. We were in the dream when we entered the narrow street of Panam city. All the building standing two sides of the road were about 3 hundred years old. Most of them were in danger and any time could collapse. We learned the architecture of the then era. The structure of the building was our main subject as all of we were civil engineer. All the buildings were made using lime-concrete technology. In some building steel joist was used to bear the load of slab but most of the buildings were made of lime-concrete only even in the tension zone like slab. In the tension zone they used brick blocks in 45 degree angle so that they can act as compression member to resist tension like arch do. We found visible cracks here and there in most of the buildings. It was really a good experience for us.

But what we found was all the buildings were decaying and emergency look after and quality renovation work is highly required. The government is doing for some renovation work which is not sufficient. We need to save it because it is our Heritage. Finally we returned home with a great memory.

Tour Pictures

All the pictures were taken by mobile phone.

(I, Probir and our two little guide ridoy and autip.)

(I was thinking ….?)

(Picture of a dangerous slabs see bricks are in 45 degree angle.)

(Close view of a decaying wall made of lime concrete)

(Zaed, what is he doing with his guava)

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Comment from candle lite
Time: June 15, 2009, 12:40 am

ur work is really gud..nd i got help 4rm here..

Comment from shah-alam
Time: January 25, 2011, 2:05 pm

panam city look so beautiful and it is a most older building

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