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I have started learning both Ruby & Python

15 July, 2008 (23:58) | programming, Python, Ruby

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Today I have started learning Python, after a successful start I have found that in Python the code block is separated by indent. That means no closing braces or ending identifier. like

def whats_on_the_telly(penguin=None):
    if penguin is None:
        penguin = []
    penguin.append("property of the zoo")
    return penguin
def another_func():
    return 1

Here, the function definition ends at after a blank line followed by another definition. I was disappointed with this features of Python and found it is confusing for a large code base for manageability.

As a result I moved to Ruby. After installing Ruby in my PC I started learning the basics of Ruby Language. I have found some interesting features in Ruby language. But I am not impressed with some features like the way of return statement in a function definition.

This is my opinion as a beginner. Yet, I want to try both of them.



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