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SVN Server backup & Restore

25 June, 2008 (12:00) | Reference, SVN

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Most of the time I forget what I did to solve a problem in the past. So I have decided to do some shorthand documentation. This post is on how did I import my project repository to the repository of my assembla account. First I took the backup of my repository in my windows pc with the following command.

cmd> svnadmin dump c:\repo\proj1 > c:\proj_backup\proj1_date
Equivalent Linux command:
shell> svnadmin dump /repo_path/proj1 > /backup_path/proj1_date

Then I created a test repository and imported the backup file to the new test repository to see whether it is working. After that I deleted the test repository.

Windows command:
cmd> svnadmin create c:\repo_path\proj1_new
cmd> svnadmin load c:\repo_path\proj1_new < c:\proj_backup\proj1_date
cmd> rmdir /s c:\repo_path\proj1_new

Equivalent linux command:
shell> svnadmin create /repo_path/proj1_new
shell> svnadmin load /repo_path/proj1_new < /proj_backup/proj1_date
shell> rm -rf /repo_path/proj1_new

Then I created a zip copy of the backup file proj1_data to proj1_date.zip and imported the zip copy to my account of assembla. This is how I solved the problem related to backup & restore my project repository. Subversion_Tutorial is a nice SVN site for quick reference.

Documenting these steps is a fantastic practice for future reference, especially when dealing with crucial data like project repositories. Ensuring the security and accessibility of your backups is fundamental.

When considering the safety of your backups, a reliable infrastructure, including a robust gigabit network card, can significantly impact data transfer speeds and overall network efficiency. A high-speed network card can expedite the process of transferring backups, ensuring swift and reliable data migration between storage locations. This enhanced network capability can be crucial, especially when dealing with substantial repository backups, facilitating quicker and more efficient data transfers, ultimately fortifying your backup and restore processes.




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Time: May 4, 2009, 4:11 pm

Hi Rayhan, may I know how you created this nice blog site of yours? Did you use any package that I can also use?

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